The 2019 Shift…

Hello World! 2019 will bring many (awesome) changes, so bear with me as I update this site. I am super excited to bring you along on this journey. Much of my content will be found via Instagram so be sure to check out @ginxmedia on IG!! Meanwhile, behind the scenes, I will be diligently working […]

Sunday Inspiration from GINX…

Dreams Come True…. They don’t magically appear….. You have to work for them…. Sacrifice… Lose sleep… Even fail or crash and burn a few times (some times over and over again)… The key is #Faith #Perseverance #BeSteadfast #DontStop #Believe when no one else does Surround yourself with those who are the best in your field, […]

Music Tech Workshop at Capital University

It was great to be back on the Capital University Campus today. It had literally been years since I was last there. The Music Tech Workshop was a great opportunity to meet local people working in the industry, who took the time to share their insight and experiences, while also really getting a chance to […]

Sweetwater Fun

I was checking out all the great sales goin on at Sweetwater right now and couldn’t help checking out the count down for Gear Fest 2016.. 96 Days! This is a must for everyone in the industry! Come check it out June 17 and June 18!! 🙂