The 2019 Shift…

Hello World!

2019 will bring many (awesome) changes, so bear with me as I update this site. I am super excited to bring you along on this journey.

Much of my content will be found via Instagram so be sure to check out @ginxmedia on IG!!

Meanwhile, behind the scenes, I will be diligently working to bring this site up to par with my mission and personal branding.

Music Tech Workshop at Capital University

It was great to be back on the Capital University Campus today. It had literally been years since I was last there.

The Music Tech Workshop was a great opportunity to meet local people working in the industry, who took the time to share their insight and experiences, while also really getting a chance to network and be audio pro geeks through out the day. Couldn’t ask for a better spent Saturday… (I wish I took more pictures, but here are a few)


20160402_120442[1]20160402_131239[1] 20160402_142709[1] 20160402_135722[1]

Sweetwater Fun

I was checking out all the great sales goin on at Sweetwater right now and couldn’t help checking out the count down for Gear Fest 2016..

96 Days! This is a must for everyone in the industry! Come check it out June 17 and June 18!! 🙂